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Carex pensylvanica (oak sedge)
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Carex pensylvanica

oak sedge

With its tough disposition and spreading habit, this native grass makes an excellent shade groundcover. Fine texture and fountaining habit give this sedge a soft appearance that is lovely as an underplanting for bolder shade perennials or on its own as a shade lawn. Great in containers too! Easy to grow. Happiest in the company of oaks, but who isn't?

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8-10 Inches


12-18 Inches


10 Inches

Bloom Color


USDA Hardiness Zone 4-8

oak sedge Interesting Notes

A low sedge with delicate, arching, semi-evergreen leaves. Spreads, in restrained fashion, to form an appealing ground cover. Mixes well with many other types of plants.

Carex pensylvanica Growing and Maintenance Tips

C. pensylvanica is native to open woods and thickets. Prefers dry, well-drained soils in full to part shade. Spreads via rhizomes. Propagate by seed or division of clumps every few years. Cut foliage to the ground in early spring before new growth occurs if needed to keep a tidy appearance. Use as a border or groundcover in shady areas.

Key Characteristics & Attributes

Full Shade
Full Shade
Part Sun
Part Sun
Drought Tolerant
Drought Tolerant

Additional Information

Soil Moisture Needs
Plug Type
Landscape Plug™
Propagation Type
Tissue culture
Moist Shade
Native to North America
Grass Type: Cool Season