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Shipping Options & Information

Customer Pickup

Customer Pickup & Shipping Facility
124 Wedgewood Road, Oxford, PA 19363

(our mobile site gives turn-by-turn directions to our Oxford Location)

Pick-up Hours: 7:30 am — 3:30 pm, Tuesday through Friday

To ensure your order is ready upon arrival, please contact Customer Service to schedule a date and time for pickup. If your pickup time is not scheduled beforehand, you or your driver may experience delays. If you prefer orders to be boxed for pickup, please notify Customer Service when placing the order. A $8.00 per box charge applies to all boxed customer pickups. No handling charges are incurred.

North Creek Trucks

North Creek is delighted to provide delivery on our trucks to locations within 600 miles from our shipping facility in Oxford, PA. Orders of 35 flats or more may be eligible for North Creek truck shipment if we can coordinate with other orders in your area. A per flat rate will be applied to all truck shipments based on distance from our shipping facility. If you prefer to receive plants on a North Creek truck, please let Customer Service know at the time of your order. We will do our best to honor this request.  In some instances, we might also contact you to see if receiving your order on our truck is acceptable.

Cost per flat within the U.S.
$4.50 - up to 150 miles
$5.50 - 151 to 300 miles
$6.50 - 301 to 600 miles

***Additional fees may apply for difficult delivery areas***


Pallet & Rack Shipments

Our shipping options have expanded to better serve you! We currently ship via XPO and FedEx Freight to ensure competitive market rates. Pallets cost $8.00 each. Box/Handling and outside carrier charges apply when shipping on a pallet (see below, Box Dimensions & Charges). All freight, pallet charges, and box/handling charges are applied once your order has been assembled. We'll gladly provide freight quotes at the time your order is placed.

Orders totaling 32 flats or more may also ship using our cost-effective custom wooden rack - no boxes needed. Rack shipments provide several advantages over boxed shipments, including significantly increased air circulation while in transit, reduced cardboard waste, and reduced customer time and labor costs. An on-site forklift or loading dock is required to receive your shipment on our custom wooden rack. If you wish to utilize our rack shipment option, please contact Customer Service for additional information.  A $130 charge per wooden rack will be applied in addition to the outside carrier charge.

Rack Dimensions & Capacities
46"L x 46"W x 81"H
80 flat rack - 72 & 50 plug flats
64 flat rack - LP32 & LP50 plug flats

***1/2 Rack Shipments Available and start at $130/half rack***
(Rack capacities are general and may vary due to plant heights)

Boxed Shipments

We partner with FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and UPS Ground. All liners are wrapped in a netting material to secure individual plugs throughout transit. A per-box handling charge and outside carrier charge is applied once the order is assembled and processed (see below, Box Dimensions & Charges). If you need final shipping costs for a boxed shipment, please request this from Customer Service when placing your order.

Box Dimensions & Charges

Small Box (21" x 12" x 9")
Price per box: $8.00 each
50 & 72 plug flats - fits 2 per box
LP32 & LP50 plug flats - fits 1 per box

Medium Box (21" x 12" x 15")
Price per box: $8.00 each
50 & 72 plug flats - fits 3 per box
LP32 & LP50 plug flats - fits 2 per box

Large Box (21" x 12" x 18")
Price per box: $8.00 each
50 & 72 plug flats - fits 4 per box
LP32 & LP50 plug flats - fits 2 per box

(Box capacities are general and may vary based upon plant growth and species)

Destinations Requiring Phytosanitary Certification

A Systems Approach to Nursery Certification (SANC): North Creek is SANC (Systems Approach to Nursery Certification) compliant. This credential allows us to ship into some US states using the SANC certification instead of obtaining a phytosanitary certificate. Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, and New Mexico require a SANC Certificate. We do not ship plant material into MT from June through September. There is no fee for SANC Certificates. All orders using SANC require a drench. The fee for drenching is $1.00/flat and is not to exceed $50.00. Standard order deadlines apply.

We are unable to ship plants to Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. 

Winter Shipments

Many of our plants are acclimated to unheated greenhouses during the winter months for vernalization. If you receive dormant material during this time of year, we recommend taking extra precautions to ensure viability upon transplant. When placing the plants in a warm greenhouse, it is important not to overwater the material or subject them to drastic temperature fluctuations. If you have questions or are uncertain about how to best manage dormant material, please contact Customer Service. We will happily direct you to a member of our growing team for additional information and guidance to ensure your success.