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Scutellaria 'Appalachian Blues' (skullcap) Scutellaria 'Appalachian Blues' (skullcap)
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Scutellaria 'Appalachian Blues' PPAF


There's a new Scutellaria in town! 'Appalachian Blues' is a seed selection from a naturally occurring hybrid between S. ovata and S. serrata. Selected by Peter Heus, who also selected our wonderfully popular Lobelia cardinalis 'Black Truffle', 'Appalachian Blues' brings as much beauty and excitement to your garden. Growing to only 2' tall in flower, this new perennial can take sun or shade, loves dry soils and produces the most wonderful , large, purple and white bicolor flowers that bumblebees adore. -Plants Nouveau

Scutellaria 'Appalachian Blues' is a cross of S. ovata and S. serrata, both plants indigenous to the mountains of West Virginia where breeder Peter Heus resides . The result of this cross? A compact habit, clumping skullcap with serrated leaves and dark margins that adapts to both sun and shade, with spikes of bicolor purple white flowers that bloom for weeks on end.

Scutellaria 'Appalachian Blues' PPAF - 50 per flat Availability
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24 Inches

Bloom Color


USDA Hardiness Zone 4-9

Scutellaria 'Appalachian Blues' Growing and Maintenance Tips

Semi-evergreen in our climate. Performs best in well-drained, moist to dry soil conditions in filtered shade. Does not run like Scutellaria ovata, maintains its clump form. Cut back foliage in late winter early spring to refresh foliage. Flowers can be deadheaded to prolong bloom. Divide clumps every 3-4 years to maintain perennial vigor.

Good Substitutions

hoary skullcap Scutellaria incana

Key Characteristics & Attributes

Full Sun
Full Sun
Part Sun
Part Sun

Additional Information

Soil Moisture Needs
Green Infrastructure
Plug Type
Horticultural Plug
Ornamental Foliage
Native to North America