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Hakonechloa macra (Hakone grass) Hakonechloa macra (Hakone grass)

Hakonechloa macra

Hakone grass

Easily flowing through the landscape, this grass softens the garden with its gracefully arching blades as they drift between plantings. The soft vibrant green of this species indigenous to the mountains of Japan lends tranquility to your plantings – especially impactful in large masses under limbed-up deciduous trees.

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USDA Hardiness Zone 5-9

Hakone grass Interesting Notes

Hakoenchloa macra is a shade-loving deciduous clump grass that spreads by rhizome. Found along wet rocky cliffs and moist woodlands in central Japan, Hakone grass was found near Mt. Hakone. Prized for its soft foliage and the rustling sound the leaves make in the wind, this grass does best in soil with organic matter and consistent moisture. Airy flowers appear in late summer as the foliage becomes tipped in pink. Leaves may scorch in summer if soil goes too dry. This plant is trouble-free and has few if any, issues with pest or disease.

Planted in large swaths as a backdrop in our shade trial gardens, Hakone grass is wonderful for softening edges and creating movement in the garden. It is also a great plant for a container in part-shade to full shade. We find it to be a slow spreader, taking a few years to reach mature size but once established, is a true prize in the garden.  

Hakonechloa macra Growing and Maintenance Tips

Prefers moist, well-drained soils in part- shade. It is very tolerant of sun if the soil does not dry out, but may be happiest in a bright shaded spot. Slow to establish, a treat when it does. Trim foliage to the ground in early spring for the flush of next season's growth.

Low-maintenance plant that can be divided in spring once established. In hot areas, applying mulch around the base of the plant will keep the roots cool and moisture in the soil. In the northernmost part of its range, mulching the top of the plant can prevent winter kill. 

Key Characteristics & Attributes

Full Shade
Full Shade
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Part Sun
Deer Resistant
Deer Resistant

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