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Botanical Name     Common Name

Juncus effusus

soft rush
Juncus effusus is a clump forming wetland plant that is a striking vertical addition to any garden or container planting. Upright, fanning, deep green, rounded stems make a great accent in a container or water garden. Soft Rush can be planted at the edge of a pond or in up to 6" of standing water. Inconspicuous golden flowers appear atop the stems in summer. Native to most of North America, Soft Rush provides food and shelter for birds and other wildlife. Distribution Map
Juncus effusus '' soft rush from North Creek Nurseries

Juncus tenuis

poverty rush

Great as a diminutive filler for rain gardens, as a groundcover, and for erosion control.

Juncus tenuis '' poverty rush from North Creek Nurseries

Liatris spicata

blazing star, gayfeather

We are pleased to increase the availability of Pennsylvania provenance populations of our native gayfeathers. Tallest of the genus with upright spikes bearing pinkish-purple tassels in July and August. One of the best garden performers! An excellent cut flower and a magnet for butterflies, bees, rare moths and hummingbirds. Deer resistant!

Liatris spicata '' blazing star, gayfeather from North Creek Nurseries

Lobelia cardinalis

Lobelia cardinalis

cardinal flower

Clump-forming habit with brilliant red flower spikes set against green and purple-bronze colored foliage. Each individual spike of scarlet flowers open from bottom to top and stays in bloom for several weeks. A favorite of hummingbirds. Makes an excellent cut flower. A real show stopper!

Lobelia cardinalis '' cardinal flower from North Creek Nurseries

Lobelia siphilitica

great blue lobelia

The spikes of brilliant true blue flowers on this wetland native attract butterflies, hummingbirds and neighbors to your garden! Lobelia siphilitica provides outstanding color for the border, wet meadow or pond edge. Naturalizes easily in moist soils, but tolerates periods of drought.

Lobelia siphilitica '' great blue lobelia from North Creek Nurseries

Lupinus perennis

sundial lupine

Fragrant, pea-like, blue to violet flowers in late spring with leaves that are palmately divided into 7-11 leaflets. Enhances soil fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen into a useful form. Requires good drainage.

Lupinus perennis '' sundial lupine from North Creek Nurseries

Lysimachia lanceolata var. purpurea

lance-leaved loosestrife

The short stature, continuous sunny bloom, and deep wine coloring of this native plant make Lysimachia lanceolata var. purpurea a new favorite groundcover, winning over our R&D Department by how it keeps weeds at bay and is a carefree plant. 

Lysimachia lanceolata var. purpurea '' lance-leaved loosestrife from North Creek Nurseries