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Establishing Resilient Urban Landscapes Using Native Plants

Establishing Resilient Urban Landscapes Using Native Plants

by Claudia West

Imagine yourself strolling along a typical metropolitan street. What vegetative characteristics might you experience? Are window boxes and containers bursting with seasonal color? Do low growing sedges tickle your ankles as you walk past a lushly planted tree pit? Are you enticed to run your fingertips through the Panicum seed heads as you enter the town square? Or, are mature tree canopies protecting you from polarizing heat.

Sadly, the reality of such a stroll commonly unveils plants distressed from degraded soils, heat islands, and pollution. Urban spaces face a plethora of undesirable conditions for growing and maintaining horticultural harmony. Human and environmental activities can severely impede our ability to design, install, and maintain a successful urban landscape. However, these sites will always offer opportunities for encouraging human interaction and improving overall aesthetics, function, and ecological health.

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