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Eupatorium purpureum ssp. maculatum 'Gateway' (Joe Pye weed)

Eupatorium purpureum ssp. maculatum 'Gateway'

Joe Pye weed

(syn. Eutrochium maculatum 'Gateway')

Like others in this genus, 'Gateway' is no exception in its power to attract butterflies with its huge, bright mauve-pink flower clusters atop deep wine red stems. July to September bloom makes 'Gateway' a bold and dramatic display when planted with Rudbeckia 'Autumn Sun' or tall ornamental grasses. Outrageous!

Eupatorium purpureum var. maculatum 'Gateway' LP32 - 32 per flat Availability
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5-6 Feet


3-5 Feet


24 Inches

Bloom Color


USDA Hardiness Zone 4-8

Joe Pye weed Interesting Notes

This genera is a perennial favorite of the famed garden designer Piet Oudolf, and loved for its structural qualities and hazy rosy blooms in late summer. Eupatorium ‘Gateway’ is a more compact selection of E. purpureum, ranging in height from 4’-5’ tall. Covered in 12” wide clusters of blooms, ‘Gateway’ has long-lasting lavender-pink terminal domed flowers that dry to buff seedheads persisting into winter. The leaves are rough and serrated, arranged in a whorl climbing up wine colored stems.

The species E. maculatum is endemic to damp meadows, swamps, and sandy wetlands throughout the southern Canadian provinces to the northern United States, staying within the north 35th-55th parallels. Joe Pye weed grows best in medium to wet soils in full to part sun but can tolerate some light afternoon sun in hot climates. For best performance in the garden, ‘Gateway’ needs good air circulation and consistent soil moisture. Plants can range in height and to ensure a shorter appearance, cutting back Eupatorium to half its height in early summer will maintain a good stature in the garden without sacrificing blooms.

Eupatorium ‘Gateway’ is a garden standard and is best showcased in masses or as a dramatic accent plant in cottage or wildlife gardens in the center of the bed. At any point during the summer, you can see the flowers covered in multiple species of butterflies and bees.

Eupatorium purpureum ssp. maculatum 'Gateway' Growing and Maintenance Tips

Thrives in moist, fertile soils. If soil should dry out, the leaves may appear scorched. This prairie plant is easily propagated by seed, cuttings, division and may also be transplanted in spring. Cut back in early spring and fertilize to promote bushier growth. May be used as a backround plant in border gardens, in meadows and in areas in which it may naturalize. Cut back after winter's end. Hollow stems are good solitary bee nesting materialif possible, leave 6-18" of stem up for nesting bees. 

Good Substitutions

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Key Characteristics & Attributes

Full Sun
Full Sun
Part Sun
Part Sun
Deer Resistant
Deer Resistant
Cut Flower
Cut Flower

Additional Information

Soil Moisture Needs
Green Infrastructure
Erosion Control
Bioretention/Rain Garden
Wetland Indicator Status
Falcutative (FAC)
Plug Type
Landscape Plug™
For Animals
Caution: Toxic
Native to North America
Clay Tolerance
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Late Summer
Propagation Type