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Welcome to the North Creek plant catalog! Here you will find information on our perennials, grasses, ferns and shrubs. You can view plants by either common or botanical name and sort the list by plant type. Click on a thumbnail image to see detailed information about that particular plant.

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If you are looking for just the right plants to grow, use our Plant Search to find plants with particular characteristics.

Note: We endeavor to err on the side of caution when listing zone information. Where noted plants may be hardier than listed.

Carex 'Silver Sceptre'

Japanese sedge

This beautiful selection has narrow (1/4") leaves with white margins, giving it a very fine texture overall. Rhizomatous, forming thick silvery clumps. A bright addition to the shade palette!

Carex 'Silver Sceptre' Japanese sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex amphibola

creek sedge

Carex amphibola is a widely adaptable native sedge naturally occurring from Texas to Quebec and Georgia to New Hampshire. Its forms a compact and semi-erect mound. Proven to be semi evergreen (zone 6b) and prefers deciduous shade in upland or even floodplain conditions; easily adapts to fine or medium textured soils. Creek sedge lends itself well to native shade gardens, along wood paths or as a slope stabilizer. It is a vigorous clump former with shiny, narrow green foliage 1/8" wide by up to 12" long. C. amphibola is an excellent companion for Phlox divaricata, Chrysogonum and Polygonatum...among others!

Carex amphibola '' creek sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex appalachica

Appalachian sedge

This lovely sedge is native to the dry woods of eastern North America. Its fine texture and fountaining habit make it a lovely groundcover in dry shady sites, even in the root zone of trees. Its tidy clumping habit makes it a perfect feature in a container, rock or stump, or in a border planting along a walkway.

Carex appalachica '' Appalachian sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex cherokeensis

Cherokee sedge

Carex cherokeensis is a native sedge with a soft-medium texture. It prefers moist conditions but is adaptive. Grows in part shade but tolerates full sun in the morning. The inflorescence has been noted as insignificant but, we like the little wispy spikes that add a interest in the spring. 

Carex cherokeensis '' Cherokee sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex eburnea

bristleleaf sedge

A wonderful naturalizer, Carex eburnea is the ideal native groundcover for the woodland or rock garden. Petite colonies of 6-8 inch long soft, thread-like foliage takes on a spherical shape as inconspicuous whitish-green flower spikes appear in early spring.

Carex eburnea '' bristleleaf sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex Feather Falls ™ PP26199


This hybrid Carex takes form and function to the next level! The soft, cascading habit of Feather Falls™ is a dynamic addition to part shade gardens and containers. This exceptional evergreen sedge has finely textured, dark green foliage edged in cream. Vigorous, variegated, and versatile, each clump will spread to over 3' wide with time—sure to make an impression in the landscape! 

Carex Feather Falls ™ '' sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex flaccosperma

blue wood sedge

A beautiful native groundcover with striking glaucus blue foliage, Blue wood sedge is easy to grow and evergreen in warmer zones, though it benefits from a late winter cut back. Early spring flowers are slender and form interesting seed heads. Forms tidy clumps and spreads by seed.

Carex flaccosperma '' blue wood sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex laxiculmus Bunny Blue® 'HOBB'

Bunny Blue sedge

Bunny Blue® is a low growing, evergreen, native sedge with silver-blue foliage. Use as a ground cover or specimen plant for moist to average shady areas. 

Carex laxiculmus Bunny Blue® 'HOBB' Bunny Blue sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance'

Japanese sedge

A bright groundcover for a shady spot, 'Ice Dance' has long shiny leaves trimmed in bright white. It spreads slowly to fill in and make a tidy cover that discourages weeds. Deer and disease resistant, it is long-lasting and easy to grow!

Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance' Japanese sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex muskingumensis

Muskingum sedge

A fine-textured sedge that resembles palm fronds? How strange! Naturally occuring in moist habitats such as low, swampy woods and wet meadows, this native cool-season sedge adds textural interest to any planting. 

Carex muskingumensis '' Muskingum sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex oshimensis 'Evergold'

golden sedge

Fountains of narrow leaves with broad cream stripes adorn this clump-forming, shade-loving grass. 'Evergold' is lovely spilling over into a path or as an architectural feature in a container or window box. Deer and disease resistant, it is long-lasting and easy to grow!

Carex oshimensis 'Evergold' golden sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex pensylvanica

oak sedge

With its tough disposition and spreading habit, this native sedge makes an excellent shade groundcover. Fine texture and fountaining habit give this sedge a soft appearance that is lovely as an underplanting for bolder shade perennials or on its own as a shade lawn. Great in containers too! Easy to grow. Happiest in the company of oaks, but who isn't?

Carex pensylvanica '' oak sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex plantaginea

seersucker sedge
Shiny deep green leaves are unusually broad (to 1 1/8") and puckered like Christmas ribbon. An excellent, mostly evergreen (the basal foliage overwinters) groundcover for average to moist shade, provides unique texture. Flowers occur in early to mid-spring, thin and black-tipped, not especially showy. Found in moist woods from Canada to Alabama.
Carex plantaginea '' seersucker sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex radiata

eastern star sedge

An attractive native sedge that forms dense tufts of foliage reaching 1–2' in height with an equal spread. Inflorescences range from 1-3" in length; blooming late spring. Very adaptable, dappled sunlight to medium shade, moist to mesic conditions, and a rich loamy soil with abundant organic matter. Incorporate with native ferns or spring ephemerals like Mertensia virginica. Seeds are enjoyed by various songbirds.

Carex radiata '' eastern star sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex rosea

rosy sedge

Carex rosea, or rosy sedge, is a petite woodland sedge with fine-textured foliage and elegant star-like flower clusters that appear in spring. Topping out at roughly a foot tall, the tidy bright green clumps provide form and function when used en masse—or is just as noticeable dotted about the landscape.

Carex rosea '' rosy sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex stricta

tussock sedge

A wetland native that forms dense tussocks of straw-colored leaves at the base with bright green new growth emerging from the top. Spreads via rhizomes. Found in wet meadows. Emergent aquatic.

Carex stricta '' tussock sedge from North Creek Nurseries

Carex vulpinoidea

fox sedge

One of the most widespread species of Carex in North America, growing in wet meadows, prairies, swamps and marshes.  The seedheads mature in late summer and resemble fox tails, hence the common name.

Carex vulpinoidea '' fox sedge from North Creek Nurseries