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SPECIAL NOTICE: Price Changes for Products and Shipping

In response to rising prices during the global pandemic, North Creek Nurseries is having to adjust pricing on shipping racks and certain plant products. 

Due to rising demands on lumber and increasing fuel prices throughout the global pandemic, please be aware that there has been a change in the price of our wooden shipping racks to adjust for these increased input costs. The price of wooden shipping racks has increased to $120-$140 per wooden rack—as usual, the rack charge will be applied in addition to the outside carrier shipping fee. We will continue to actively monitor these costs of goods and relay savings on to you as we wait for the economy to recover from the global pandemic.

With 2020 and 2021 being record years for gardening, our production team has been hard at work these past few weeks evaluating gaps in the 2021 availability and adding crops back in wherever possible. Additionally, we are looking towards 2022 to ensure we have adequate product on hand for your potting up and seasonal installation schedules. North Creek evaluates liner prices annually—our pricing window runs from July 1 of the current year through June 30 of the forthcoming year. Please be aware that there will be price adjustments on plant material to reflect higher input costs and material shortages. An example of price changes includes liners grown from tissue culture (TC) where increased shipping costs of TC material and increased costs of the goods themselves will be reflected in our annual price adjustment.⁠

If you have any questions or feedback, our customer service team is available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. Please contact us by email or by phone 877.ECO.PLUG

Thanks for turning to North Creek for assistance with your perennial programs, we look forward to working with you in 2021 and beyond! ⁠