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Plug Sizes

All plants are grown in a standard 10" x 20" flat. All flats nest in a cell pack insert, except the LP50 flat. The more plugs per tray, the smaller the plug.

Horticultural Sizes

72 Plug

72 Plug:

An economical starter plug for horticultural varieties.
72 plugs per flat.

Plug Size:
1.63 x 2.38 inches
4.14 x 6.05 centimeters

4.38 cubic inches
77.8 cubic centimeters

50 Plug

50 Plug:

Larger starter plug for plants with bigger root systems or broad leaves.
50 plugs per flat.

Plug Size:
1.78 x 2.48 inches
4.52 x 6.30 centimeters

6.14 cubic inches
100.6 cubic centimeters

18 Plug

18 Plug:

This large size accommodates the roots of more mature plants. Our Hellebores are grown at this size. 18 plugs per flat.

Plug Size:
3.00 x 3.25 inches
7.62 x 8.26 centimeters

18.70 cubic inches
306.4 cubic centimeters

Landscape Plug™ Sizes

LP32 Plug

LP32 Plug:

A husky plug for shallow rooted species including our ferns and sedges.
32 plugs per flat.

Plug Size:
2.46 x 3.05 inches
6.25 x 7.75 centimeters

11.05 cubic inches
181.1 cubic centimeters

LP50 Plug

LP50 Plug:

Our new size, with root channels recessed to the interior of the plug. A deep plug for deep roots and a fast start in a container or the landscape.
50 plugs per flat.

Plug Size:
2.00 x 5.00 inches
5.08 x 12.70 centimeters

11.90 cubic inches
195.0 cubic centimeters