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Vernonia 'Summer's Surrender' PP28475


Vernonia ‘Summer’s Surrender’ is a unique plant. What makes it so? Bushy, dark olive-green foliage, disease resistance, and a distinct shrub-like form that grows wider than tall, 'Summer's Surrender' is an easy choice to submit. It doesn't lodge like other cultivars and is covered in airy purple clusters through late summer into fall. 

Vernonia 'Summer's Surrender' ironweed from North Creek Nurseries

Vernonia 'Summer's Swan Song' PP28556


The most diminutive of hybrid ironweeds available on the market, ‘Summer’s Swan Song’ is a selection from our friend Jim Ault at Chicago Botanic Garden. The foliage is olive green with a purple tinge on wine red stems and covered in deep purple flowers from early to mid-autumn. Attention-grabbing at CBG’s Vernonia trials, the long flowering branches interlock to hold the stems upright on the blusteriest of days.

Vernonia 'Summer's Swan Song' ironweed from North Creek Nurseries

Vernonia lettermannii 'Iron Butterfly'


This selection of the Arkansas native comes to us from Dr. Allan Armitage's trials at the University of Georgia. It has lovely fine foliage like Amsonia hubrichtii and is a compact, well-branched and vigorous plant. In late summer it is covered with true purple flowers that attract plenty of butterflies. Found in rocky flood plains, Vernonia lettermannii is very tolerant of hot dry locations, yet can withstand brief periods of inundation.

Vernonia lettermannii 'Iron Butterfly' ironweed from North Creek Nurseries

Vernonia noveboracensis

New York ironweed
Deep purple haze in damp meadows, roadsides and pastures. A lovely native that adapts well to any moist location.
Vernonia noveboracensis '' New York ironweed from North Creek Nurseries