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Scutellaria 'Appalachian Blues' PPAF


Scutellaria 'Appalachian Blues' is a cross of S. ovata and S. serrata, both plants indigenous to the mountains of West Virginia where breeder Peter Heus resides . The result of this cross? A compact habit, clumping skullcap with serrated leaves and dark margins that adapts to both sun and shade, with spikes of bicolor purple white flowers that bloom for weeks on end. 

Scutellaria 'Appalachian Blues' skullcap from North Creek Nurseries

Scutellaria incana

hoary skullcap
An eastern meadow native that provides weeks of color in mid-summer. Purple flowers top bushy green plants. Found at wood's edge and in sunny meadows from New York to Arkansas.
Scutellaria incana '' hoary skullcap from North Creek Nurseries

Scutellaria ovata

heartleaf skullcap

The foliage of this native beauty has a metallic-purple appearance in spring and early summer. As the leaves lose their luster in mid-summer, spikes of flowers appear in a cloud of violet blue. It prefers a dry, gravelly part shade, but will grow in any part or full shade site. Can go dormant after flowering in warmer zones.

Scutellaria ovata '' heartleaf skullcap from North Creek Nurseries