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Anemone canadensis

Canadian anemone

A strong-growing plant that needs room to move. Clear white single flowers top out at 18" from mid spring to early summer. A robust and competitive native plant that brightens up woodland edges and shady corners of the garden. Combines well with other spring-blooming perennials such as Polemonium, Sisyrinchium and Mertensia.

Anemone canadensis '' Canadian anemone from North Creek Nurseries

Anemone Fantasy™ 'Pocahontas' PP25352


Covered in double flowering, bubblegum pink blooms from mid to late summer! The seed heads look like little fluffy cotton balls, standing atop strong stems to give interest to the garden from fall into winter. This vigorous, clumping selection is a delight in the garden or mixed container.

Anemone Fantasy™ 'Pocahontas' anemone from North Creek Nurseries

Anemone sylvestris

snowdrop windflower

Delicate, nodding white flowers bloom early to mid spring atop lustrous dense, green foliage. A low maintenance groundcover for bright shade! Easy to grow in containers, overwinters well in cold frames if protected from heavy rain and snow melt.

Anemone sylvestris '' snowdrop windflower from North Creek Nurseries

Anemone × hybrida 'Honorine Jobert'

Japanese windflower

This stately, clear-white Anemone selection was made in the mid-1800's and is still beloved by the modern gardener. Perhaps it is the charm of its unique flowers and preblooms in late summer or the joy of watching its easy sway in the late summer breeze. Ultimately, we love it because it is an effortless and reliable presence in the garden. Whatever the reason that you fall in love with 'Honorine Jobert' know that it is a timeless classic. 

Anemone × hybrida 'Honorine Jobert' Japanese windflower from North Creek Nurseries

Anemone × hybrida Wild Swan™ 'MACANE001' PP23132


Anemone × hybrida Wild Swan™ 'MACANE001' is a long-blooming, compact, floriferous new anemone with lovely lavender coloration on the reverse side of the petals. Wild Swan begins flowering an average of two months earlier than other varieties and keeps on trucking until the end of the season. Flowers are held high and proud, allowing them to catch gently on the breeze. A graceful beaut to be sure! 

Anemone × hybrida Wild Swan™ 'MACANE001' anemone from North Creek Nurseries