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Plant Select®

Muhlenbergia reverchonii UNDAUNTED® 'PUND01S'

ruby muhly, seep muhly

Plant this muhlygrass for a show-stopping autumnal display! An aura of reddish mauve flower spikes bloom late summer into fall and will stop you in your tracks - a performance that intensifies when backlit by the rising or setting autumn sun. Striking when planted en masse, or lovely as an accent mixed into a perennial border. The clouds of flowers dry after frost and persist to provide winter interest. This warm season grass’s fine-textured, soft green foliage forms a tidy, well-behaved mound. Heat and drought tolerant, long-lived and low maintenance.

Muhlenbergia reverchonii '' ruby muhly, seep muhly from North Creek Nurseries

Penstemon × mexicali RED ROCKS® 'P008S'


A fantastic introduction from Plant Select®, selected from crosses made by Bruce Meyers between Mexican and American wild penstemons.

Penstemon × mexicali RED ROCKS® 'P008S' beardtongue from North Creek Nurseries