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Veronica 'Whitewater' (Speedwell)

Veronica 'Whitewater' PP22783


Bright white flowers from early spring to mid summer
Glossy, dark green leaves turn burgundy to bronze in fall
Evergreen in mild climates

Dainty, pure white flowers dot this dense groundcover from early spring to midsummer, providing a nice backdrop for spring bulbs. Glossy, dark green foliage turns burgundy to bronze in fall. Hardy enough for containers, and evergreen in mild climates.

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2-6 in


12-18 in

Bloom Color


USDA Hardiness Zone 4-7

Speedwell Interesting Notes

Discovered by John Wachter at Elite Growers, Inc., Ingleside, Illinois, this selection appeared as a white-flowered branch sport in a batch of propagations of Veronica 'Waterperry Blue'. The flower color has been stable through repeated propagation cycles and three years of in-ground trials. Otherwise, this selection is identical to Veronica 'Waterperry Blue'. In trials at the Chicago Botanic Garden, the plant was in bloom from late April to late June, with a peak bloom of its ½"-wide glistening white flowers in mid-May. A few flowers may appear sporadically throughout the remainder of summer and autumn. 

Veronica 'Whitewater' forms a dense low carpet, growing 4" to 6" tall and spreading 12" to 18" wide in a single season. Over time, it can cover a more expansive area. The plant is dense enough to suppress weeds, and tough enough to tolerate some foot traffic. The ½" glossy dark-green leaves are produced on creeping, wiry stems. The foliage turns an attractive burgundy to bronze in winter months; it is evergreen in mild climates. 

An excellent groundcover plant, it is useful in the rock garden, along path and border edges, cascading over stone walls or among boulders, between pavers, and in the alpine garden. Use it as a "living mulch" under taller, airy shrubs or perennials that allow light through to their bases, or among bulbs such as lilies. Deer and rabbit resistant. Full sun to partial shade on a medium to dry soil is recommended. Easy to propagate from cuttings or division. - Chicagoland Grows®

Veronica 'Whitewater' Growing and Maintenance Tips

Does best in full sun with medium to dry soil.

Key Characteristics & Attributes

Deer Resistant
Deer Resistant
Full Sun
Full Sun
Part Sun
Part Sun
Early Spring
Early Spring

Additional Information

Season of Interest (Flowering)
Late Spring / Early Summer
Season of Interest (Foliage)
Early Spring
Late Summer
Late Spring / Early Summer
Soil Moisture Needs
Propagation Type
Dry Sun