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American Beauties Native Plants®

Bringing Life to Your Garden

American Beauties Native Plants® is a ground breaking program that offers proven solutions for your landscape while creating beautiful garden habitats for desirable wildlife. American Beauties take the guesswork out of native plant gardening by providing plants and landscape solutions that fit your site.

Find the best native plants all dressed up in distinctively branded pots along with fact-filled tags and instructive handouts at your local Garden Center. By purchasing American Beauties Native Plants® you will be supporting the National Wildlife Federation's efforts to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future.

For additional information about American Beauties Native Plant® visit:

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Why carry the American Beauties Native Plants® brand?

  • American Beauties Native Plants® positions your nursery and garden center as a friend of the environment
  • Distinctively branded American Beauties Native Plants® products allow you to create a store within a store, resulting in greater turnover and increased profits
  • American Beauties Native Plants® create a new marketing opportunity while generating an additional source of revenue

What do American Beauties Native Plants® offer your
nursery and garden center?

  • Exciting products that stand out from traditional black pot inventory
  • An attractive store display that differentiates your business
  • High profile exposure on the AB and NWF Web sites
  • The best way to satisfy your environmentally-conscious customers
  • Tie-in sales potential with wildlife products you already carry


What do American Beauties Native Plants® offer your customers?

  • Beautiful, easy-to-grow plants that attract colorful wildlife
  • Helpful garden designs with year-round ornamental interest
  • Attractive alternatives to invasive plants
  • Exciting products for environmentally-friendly lifestyles
  • A Web site with plant information to ensure native plant gardening success
  • Adapt to our soils and climate
  • Attract birds and butterflies
  • Offer food and shelter for many species all year long
  • Require less care and watering when established
  • Thrive with less fertilizer and disease control
  • Provide carefree beauty
  • Solve landscape problems that many non-natives can't
  • Make it easy to be successful in the home landscape
  • Are rewarding for you and your landscape critters
  • Benefit the educational programs of the National Wildlife Federation

 See your garden come alive with the beauty of nature.

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American Beauties Native Plants® Brochure

North Creek Nurseries is proud to introduce American Beauties Native Plants®, the premiere native plant program for growers.